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Neighbors, “friends” in exclusive preview

par arbobo | imprimer | 22avr 2006

Had we payed more attention to the weather forecast, we would have seen coming that spleen, the old foggy lyricism is back. The 80s here, the 80s there, this dimension was always present, running from Arcade fire to Shearwater, from the XX to Chairlift..

As every music trend comes from Brooklyn (no need to spell it New York as a whole, the world knows the truth), new band  Neighbors proves the wave is well rooted in the borough. Noah Stitelman, the man behind the “band”, rides it with style. offers you the exclusive preview of the upcoming album. Noah is quite busy because of this record the local news has been awaiting for about a year now. Nevertheless, he found enough time to send us this excellent Friends, in order for us to be the other place to listen to it (with his myspace, of course).
He’s got it, Noah. A smooth opening with keyboards arpeggio, that will be the ground of the track all way long. The guitar pretends to be tough, the riff seizes us and we stick to it, only after a few listenings we realize the reason we love it that much is because of the melody held by the voice. Melody, 80s pop softness, a sharp guitar supported by a keyboards bass, changing singing taking us through different moods… in less than 3 minutes we’ve got a track to dance to, to run with, a mind-taking tune that pops up hours later, and a song the radios would be well advised not to neglect. What we call a clean shot. The album, now !


While listening to Neighbors, images of dreamy teenagers sitting with their lips shut come back from memory. Snapshots of enigmatic students staring at nothing through the window, a notebook blackened with poems hanging from their hands. MGMT gave us the hedonist interpretation of this stream, and Girls it’s sulky, rock, chicks-trapping one.

Even though slightly lousy, the sleeve cover of Neighbors first album is synch with those introspective torments of the youth. A ghost seems quite lost in a waste, and the title itself is a summary of the teen years :Good things/bad timing.  Four words that will revive many memories. Unfortunately, the name is shared with a truckload of bands (including “the” neighbors, quite comestible).

So, what’s this new band worth, uncountable new bud on the pop American baobab? Well they know, naughty guys, how to catch you with an intro, especially the one of Gone too long. Or the one of Friends, a song MGMT, short of good tunes on their second album, could afford to maintain them on top. It’s too early to tell if we found the next big thing or our new fantasy, but for sure the band knows how to prick up ours ears with savoir faire, as soon as their first effort. In the current musical crowd, it’s already some kind of an achievement.




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